“Attention Authors and Product Creators!
Mastering This ONE Skill Can Mean the Difference Between Making Sales or Creating Another Failed Product!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: Why Your Book or Product Cover Sucks...

There are some who would argue that the secret to successful book or product sales lies in creating and offering great content.

I agree...however...

Many people will NEVER discover how amazing your content is if they are put off by your cover design. And I am NOT just talking about print and Kindle books...this includes courses, all low-content books, card decks, games, puzzles, music albums, and more!

Think about it this way...which would you be more drawn to? A pile of dead leaves or a vase filled with beautiful, blooming flowers?

There is a reason WHY the old adage exists: “A Book Is Judged By Its Cover!”

So how do you avoid becoming the highlight of the "Really Bad Covers" website without paying a pro thousands of dollars?
“Well, I have GREAT news for you today!”

You do NOT have to pay a cover designer hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a great design for your book or product IF you understand some basic and easy-to-master rules of good cover design!

And I can show you exactly how to design stunning covers for your books and projects beginning TODAY!

Why listen to me?

I have have been designing book covers, product covers, music CD covers and more for nearly 30 years (29 years to be exact). I have had the privilege of designing over 600 book and product covers during my career, including designs for many well-known and New York Times bestselling authors such as Tommy Tenney (over 1.5 million books sold), Bishop T.D. Jakes, and many others.

Here are a few of my cover designs from over the years...
“Great Design Matters...it's THAT simple!”

Sure...you CAN hire an artist to design your covers. You can also use templates (and I am going to include 40 templates for you to use). But doesn't it make MUCH more sense to simply learn the design skills for yourself? That way you can leverage them for ANY project, knowing that you have full control of how your books and products are presented to the world. And in this brand-new training, I will show you the “Tricks of the Trade” that ANYONE can master!
“Design Covers Like a Pro”

In this brand-new, 3-Module, game-changing training, you will discover... 
  • Module 1: The Foundations of Good Design: This Changes Everything
  • Module 2: Designs That Tell Stories: Capturing the Essence
  • Module 3: Next-Level Design Strategies: Taking Good to Great!
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Design Covers Like a Pro
    • 3-Module Course Training
    • Slides From All 3 Modules as Downloadable PDFs.

    • 20 PowerPoint-Based Cover Templates by Tony ($1,997+ Value)
    • 20 Photoshop-Based Cover Templates by Tony ($1,997+ Value)
    • 50 Royalty-Free Photographs by Tony ($497+ Value)
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